Gabrielle graduated from Liberty University with her bachelor’s in Christian Counseling-Psychology. She is a wife and has two Australian shepherd dogs. Gabrielle lives in Minnesota. Gabrielle is a veteran of the US Army. She served eight years in total. 

Gabrielle’s interest is in trauma and mental disorders. She has taken courses in behavior modification, abnormal psychology, issues in Christian counseling, practical research, and marriage/family counseling. She was a medical assistant for four years-assisting doctors at the prestigious Texas Tech University in El Paso, Texas. She has knowledge of medicine and holistic medicine. Gabrielle does like to incorporate holistic medicine into practice. She has extensive knowledge of the Bible and how to apply the Bible to daily life. Gabrielle has been described as empathetic, active listener, understanding, flexible, non-judgemental, hard-working, observant, and lastly genuine. Gabrielle feels her purpose is in healing the inner wounds with the Bible, God’s presence, and applying psychology techniques. 

Gabrielle will be going back to school for her master’s in Christian counseling in the Winter of 2024.

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